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Putt Putt Leviathan


Putt Putt Leviathan

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Used to be if my Voice Memo was too big, the iphone would just keep the band practice recording of my dreams locked up up within its touch screen dungeon. No sharing allowed and no synching either! Trapped! Forever!

Course I could downloaded an extra desktop application to open sesame the drive and pull the booming bass from its carefully protected shell. But without saving that app to my dock and then taking an extra step every time I plugged the little guy in, the files would just sit on my phone where only one pair of ears can listen. And these were some quality jams!

Now-a-days Voice Memos live where they should - on the phone and also in the iTunes Music folder, along with music made by the pros. I still want to see the share button work its magic for me, but for now I’ll take the synch and send. Gracias internet blog comments.

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Tell It To Me, Real Time

Unlike fake time search, or the time it takes for you to type in the search request of your choice and hit return, real time search understands that you might not know what you need when you need it.  Instead of waiting for you to ask for help, a real time search engines records your past searches in order to hunt and gather more content that might have be popped up on the old w. since you’ve last checked in.  Since timing is everything, real time search value recently published results, like twittered links, over most visited links thereby delivering fresher meat when it comes to content discovery.

The idea is aweso.me and it’s getting me closer to getting the real scoop than ever before.  When I type in Berlin, I want to see the most happening things in Berlin right now.  I want to stay hip, you know?  And Scoopler, one of my favs in this space, gives me just what I want: